Glitter Boy Power Armor

Glitter Boy Power Armor


GB-100 Glitter Boy Advanced Power Armor (Tank Replacement)

Class: Laser Resistant Infantry Personnel Assault Unit
Speed: 100kmph running, 50kmph swimming (max depth 4 km)
Height: 3.1 Meters
Width: 1.3 Meters
Length: 1.2 Meters
Weight: 1.2 Tons, fully loaded.
Cargo: A 1′×1′×3′ storage compartment in each leg, plus an optional custom utility belt
Armament: PRA-RG-15 60mm Railgun (right shoulder, 200 rounds), 4 100mm mini-missile tubes (left shoulder), right forearm mounted power-sword, left forearm mounted laser/plasma ejector multiweapon
Sensors: Radar capable of tracking 72 targets at a 10 mile range, IR (thermal) & UV spectra visibility.
Other: 10 gallon refrigerated drinking water storage tank, 4 week supply of high-protein multi-vitamin nutrient paste, combat computer, targeting computer, laser targeting system, long-range (120 mile) radio comms, 150 decibel variable loud-speaker, environmentally sealed, temperature control, computer controlled life support, artificial air circulation system (includes humidifier and gas filtration), independant oxygen supply and purge system capable of 8 hours in an oxygen free enviroment, radiation shielding, polarized and light sensitive/adjusting tinted visor, and sonic dampening.
Power System: Compact nuclear reactor, providing a life-span of 12 years (active use).

Cost: 20,000,000 USD manufacturing cost

Game Traits

Laser Resistant: The Glitter Boy power armor receives +10 to toughness rolls vs. laser weapons, as it’s composite materials harmlessly reflect most frequencies of light off its mirrored surface.
Sonic Boom Firing the Boom Gun generates a sonic boom as the flachette rounds are ejected at supersonic speeds. Those without hearing protection must make a Fortitude save, with a variable DC of 20 minus the number of hexes distant they are from the weapon when it was fired. The deafness lasts for 1 minute (successive failed saves stack in duration).


The Glitter Boy environmental suit was the first fully field operational power armor to be deployed by the US military. The unit is an amazingly small and mobile, one person, armored robot vehicle. The robot suit stands approximately 10 feet tall (three meters) and offers fully articulated hands and the mobility of the human body. As such, it is considered an all terrain vehicle. The super-dense chrome armor is constructed on a molecular level and can withstand more mega-damage than any other robot created since.

The robot frame is nearly indestructible, resilient, and virtually maintenance free. The armor shielded joints and padded pilot’s compartment enables the machine to absorb impacts and cushion its pilot. It is also one of the few robots or power armor designed to comfortably accommodate a pilot for days or even weeks if necessary. A refrigeration unit holds 10 gallons of drinking water, while another contains a high protein, multi-vitamin nutrient paste (about a four weeks supply), as well as a few other storage compartments where additional food or personal items can be contained. However, it is not recommended that the pilot remain inside the cushioned and air-conditioned unit for more than 24 hours at a time. The operator must exercise or muscles will begin to cramp and stiffen, especially the legs, which are the most restricted. Prolonged inactivity enclosed in the Glitter Boy or any armor (3 or more weeks) will also reduce muscle strength. Periodic walks, exercise, and activity outside the body armor will prevent loss of muscle tone and strength. The Coalition State of Free Quebec is the only kingdom within the Coalition that manufactures and deploys Glitter Boys, a policy that will be discontinued if Emperor Prosek has anything to say about it (he seeks a consistent and unified force and GBs are not part of his plan). However, for the time being, Free Quebec deploys and maintains several troops of Coalition Glitter Boys and has no plans to eliminate them from their armed forces (and a potential source of conflict between it and the other Coalition States). Free Quebec also maintains a tiny factory that can create as many as a dozen new Glitter Boy suits a month. Other than the factory at Free Quebec and armor that has survived the centuries into the Time of Rifts, there are no known manufacturers of Glitter Boy power armor. However, there has been a sudden proliferation of new looking suits over the last year. Rumor has it that a pre-Rifts cache of Glitter Boy armor was excavated from an old American military installation in the western wilderness and sold by high-tech bandits. However, the Coalition suspects that there is a manufacturing facility in production in the West and intends to find it and destroy it.

Glitter Boy Power Armor

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